Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Only Five Weeks to Go

I am 35 weeks pregnant today. Normal term is 40 weeks. We're going to have another baby in five weeks. Holy crap.

Want to know how I'm feeling? Too bad, cause I'm going to tell you anyway... Here is a little excerpt from the babycenter.com newsletter I receive weekly:

Your baby doesn't have much room to maneuver now that she's over 18 inches long and weighs over 5 pounds. In fact, most of her development is complete. From here on, she's mostly concentrating on fattening up. You don't have a lot of room to grow either — your uterus is now about 15 times its normal size.

Once again, I say, "Holy crap!" Both my husband and my coworkers have been marvelling at my profile. People look at me from the front and think, oh, she's a little pregnant. Then I turn to the side and you hear the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey in the background. I am huge. And the baby supposedly gains a half pound per week from here on out. Words fail me here... oh wait, I know what to say... "Holy Crap!"

I am popping Tums as if they were mints because my stomach has been pushed up so far in my chest that is it working on digesting my left lung. All those Tums are not good for the old GI system either. I think they settle your stomach by pushing all its contents out the other side.

The sad thing is, this is my last pregnancy and I shall miss it, I know. I really do enjoy being pregnant. As much as I complain about it, I marvel every day at the fact that I am growing a little life inside of me. Even better, a little life that is part me and part Chris. Not to get too sappy here, but that is really way cool when you stop to think about it. Watching him dance and roll around in my tummy is really something to behold, and although they are wonderful outside the womb as well, you just can't get that same sensation back.

So in the next five weeks, I plan to enjoy this as much as possible.


Chris said...

The child is mighty. Strong like bull.

A Girl From Texas said...

Awe, that's neat. I can't believe it's only 5 weeks away.

Do you and Chris have separate predictions on what day exactly you'll deliver?

Brant said...

Hey Chris - whaddaya expect from a kid named "Ironblade"?

Chris said...

Brant: Dude, let it go. :-)

GT: I predict March 15th.

The child has never been named "Ironblade" for clarification of those not "in on the joke". Friends of ours (Mine and Elizabeth) had a boy recently. His name is Braydon. His father, a gamer, wanted his middle name to be "Ironblade" - Braydon Ironblade was a dwarf character he played. His wife, predictably (and justifiably) declined.

Cathy said...

And that is why God chose women to give birth, so they could have final say on the name. If not the world would be full of little ironblades, conans and no telling what else.

Five weeks will be come and gone before you know it. Pretty soon someone is going to be changing the diapers of the mighty, strong as a bull child. That should be some fun reading.

Brant said...

OK, OK, "Ironblade" is officially retired. How soon before we can start with "Redbeard"?
"The Toddling Avenger"?

OK, I'm done.


eaf said...

Ha! The Toddling Avenger is actually pretty funny. Goes well with "The Noodler." And Cathy... LMAO at Conan. I actually seem to remember that coming up at some point.

I know these five weeks will fly by. I'm sort of half ready to just get there, and half wanting to hold on.

And GFT, I think Chris and I are on the same page for the date. We really like the idea of having a boy on the "Ides of March" and it also would be right after the last home hockey game before a two week road trip. Fewer games missed that way. :-)

Jason said...

So what, actually, WILL the name be? Inquiring minds want to know.

Sophie said...

Hmm...name... seems like they are going to keep us guessing till the end. It may be revealed at next year's Christmas party!!!

eaf said...

At this rate, you may be right. Still no decision on the name front. Well, at least no AGREED upon name. I know what I want now, but Chris is still deciding.