Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Dreaded Question; or Mommyfail

Athena asked the dreaded question Thursday morning as we were getting ready. The conversation started simply enough. Athena informed me that it would be very helpful if she had an older sister to help her get ready in the morning so I wouldn't have to. (Mind you, she really doesn't need help in the morning... she was just being clingy that particular morning).

I tried to explain how it would be impossible to provide her with an older sister, as she is the oldest and that cannot be changed. Before you knew it... there is was...

"Well do you GET a baby in your tummy, Mommy?"

I am so ashamed to say that no matter how many times I had thought about this moment, I still stumbled, stammered, and even started with the dreaded... "Well, honey... when a man and a woman love each other..."

Fortunately, I stopped there and restarted. But with all my good intentions and even my desire to be as honest as possible, it's pretty apparent that an almost-five year old girl is not prepared to hear these things. When I got to the part about how a boy and girl fit together, she had clearly heard a little too much. So I backed up and simplified.

"Together, a man and a woman can make a baby. They each have part of what is needed."


We're looking into getting a book for her.


emily said...

I actually think that's a pretty good answer for an almost-five-year-old. I may steal it when it's my turn to answer the question.

Jessica said...

I agree. You did as well as can be expected.
THANK GOODNESS my kids haven't asked me that question yet. I'd probably blame Javelinas. Or Santa.

Chris said...

Athena is very insightful. Too much so for her own good at times. She has a knack for asking questions like that when something doesn't seem right to her.

hay said...

Pretty good answer---I actually have a baby in my tummy and neither of my kids have even hinted at the "how it got in there" question (knock on wood).

eaf said...

Perhaps the answer was good in the end, but getting there was terrible. A friend has promised me a book she has to use for a guide.

So so angry at myself for not being ready. And angry that those of you with kids who are EVEN OLDER than mine still haven't been asked! *jealous*