Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Writing is on the wall, and we are considering some big changes 'round these parts. We're not moving or anything, but a career change is quite likely for me. Nothing is settled yet, but the possibility is both real and likely.

That said, I came home from work today after collecting the kids and managed to put together a square meal. (Yay, Dream Dinners!) As I cooked, the kids and Chris played and talked and watched Blue's Clues. Chris set the table and the kids eagerly sat and waited for their plates when they knew it was all just about ready.

They wolfed down their food, all the while nattering on about their days and about how they loved their dinner (except some bits of it, of course), and it was then that I really thought... hmmmmmmm... maybe this whole staying at home thing isn't the worst thing that could happen to me.

I really don't think we can afford it, but as the economy continues to put pressure on the world at large, I'm thinking that if the writing on the wall turns out to be the writing on a pink slip... well... if I can't find something else, maybe I could make it work.

In anticipation of this, we are talking about seriously cutting back. We have talked about this almost every January since we met, but this time, we are really going to have to do it. We aren't destitute. We'll still vacation and take the kids to movies and all that, but we are going to place values on those things. Vacation with the kids... very valuable. Eating every breakfast at Bojangles, negative value. Date night for mommy and daddy while kids have a sitter, quite valuable on occasion. Finding a sitter so Daddy can play D&D while mommy is at work... well, okay... just this once.

But seriously, we have a few months to see what we can do, even with the tremendous debt we have hanging over our heads. If these six months go well, maybe July won't be as bad if the shoe does indeed fall.


Anonymous said...

If the libraries crumble, what is the world coming to!

eaf said...

This is when people finally learn that their tax money does actually pay for something worthwhile. When people aren't paying property taxes because they declare bankruptcy, and they aren't paying sales tax because they either aren't shopping, or they are shopping online... well... their services go away.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you super high up the library ladder though? Or will they cut the high-end positions and just get down to basics - like "Hi, how many books do you have to check out today" - and not - "Oh yes I can help you research this project."

eaf said...

Middle management. Where the ax falls first. We have a pretty flat system, but I am definitely right in the middle of the chain of command. I'm a department manager in a regional library. There are three in each regional. So they are going to operate with two in each, if they make the proposed cuts.