Friday, February 15, 2008

Broken Hearts and Dead Flowers

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate Valentine's Day. Yes, I know I used the "h" word, but it's true. I won't go into why, because I've done that before, but I can tell you that tonight, I celebrate my hate for the day.

One of my Young Adult Librarians (she is an adult... she WORKS with our teens... just to clarify) came up with the idea for an Anti-Valentine's Day Masquerade Ball. Which is why I sit here, at 9:30 on a Friday, at work, monitoring the library for any of the 40 teens who showed up to ensure they don't partake in any ... well... typical Valentine's Day behavior in the library. The party goes until 10. The cleanup will extend well past 10:30, I believe.

The ladies and some of the teens decorated our activity room with Christmas lights, gauzy stuff, and dead flowers (courtesy of the local supermarket, who was pleased to find somewhere to dump a particularly bad shipment of V-Day flowers). We even baked broken heart cookies and decorated them with all sorts of Anti-V-Day messages. Awesome.

Within a half hour, the teens had trashed the place. They are still having a great time, but there are rose petals all over the (new) carpet and lots of feet stepping upon them. There are pages from weeded romance novels all over the floor. It's like a scene from Animal House without the beer and with nicer duds.

But the teens are awesome. They are having a great time, they are all dressed up with masks and everything, and I'm pretty happy. Granted, I suspect some of the boys showed up in order to meet girls... which isn't very anti-Valentine's-Day, but it's pretty pro-teenage-boy... so it's forgivable.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, what is more anti-Valentine's Day than trying to mack on a girl without having to buy her anything?

Chris said...
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Brant said...

Many moons ago, we used to all call it VD-Day and in college, our lil' Phi Upsilon Kappa gang had a tradition of dressing in all black for VD Day (even if they did have girlfriends).