Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on the Screwing

Turns out we're not so screwed... at least for now. Our builder is paying for everything except the work that the water damage folks did to dry out the crawlspace and treat for mold. They aren't paying that because they "would have done it themselves if we had just waited." So I'm out $150, but it could be a LOT worse.

The builder informed us that our washer was not, in fact, leaking. Rather... the plumbers simply neglected to finish their work back in 2002 when the house was built, and therefore, our washing machine has been draining directly into our crawlspace for 5.5 years now. Lawsy.

So they've installed the necessary pipes and they have promised to fix the support beam, then the garage floor. So we don't have to file with insurance or anything. Huzzah.


Anonymous said...


Bern said...

Yayy too!
Glad to hear your builder is willing to do all this even after 5.5 years!

Our builder told us that they will not be doing anything after the one year warranty has been signed off.

Cathy (from Maryland) said...

Excellent! It's great to hear that a company will take steps to fix a mistake. Thank goodness! It makes $150 seem like small potatoes.

eaf said...

Bern, your builder may say that, but there is actually a law about negligence in the state. This was pure negligence. All we had to do was say "our lawyer will be calling" and they jumped right on it. They know when they are in trouble.

Despite all this trouble and the negligence, I'd still recommend our builder. They really have been great

Brant said...

Just think of all that water you've been wasting! No wonder we have a shortage around here ;)


Glad it's all getting fixed.

A Girl From Texas said...

Wow That's awesome!