Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Police - Plan of Attack

I am going to join the fan club to get access to pre-ticket sales. I'm going to buy tickets for the June 15th show in Las Vegas. I haven't even told Chris this yet. But we're going to Vegas, baby!

I can get four tickets. Who is in?


Amy said...

Ohh, joining the fan club is an excellent idea! I joined the Harry Connick Jr. fan club when I was in high school and scored 2nd row seats for me, my uncle and my cousin.

eaf said...

It's an expensive idea, but well worth it methinks. We were members of the Barenaked Ladies' fan club ("The Ladies Room") and got second row seats to their show in Chapel Hill a few years ago. Was unreal.

My sister has agreed to go with us (aren't sisters the best?!) and she is going to go halvsies on the fan club membership (which is a cool $100 -- talk about your ticket service charge! Sheesh!)

Now I just have to ask my mother-in-law to watch my two urchins and if she agrees, we're gonna do this thing!