Sunday, November 27, 2005

It Must Be Something in the Water

LAAAAA! I just learned one of my friends is preggers. Not telling you who because it's early yet and she will let me know when I can spill the beans (due end of July), but I am very happy for her and her significant other. (See, now you don't even know if it's one of my MARRIED friends! I'm so sneaky!)

Anyway, it makes me think how odd it is that many of the people in my long-term circle of friends have launched their families at about the same time. Creepy, really, when you consider my friends are all ages between 24 and 38. Yet we will all have rugrats within a couple of years of each other... and many of us will have ankle-biters that are within a few months of each other. Sophie has timed hers almost perfectly with mine... due only two weeks after me.

Isn't that kind of odd? Now if I can just get them all to live within a 60-mile radius of me! Sheesh!


Sophie said...

I know, I know. Our perfect plan of having our maternity leaves at the same time all went down the drain the day our UHAUL took us back to the Queen City.

Staci said...

Like I said before, if I get pregnant at the same time as you THIS pregnancy, Im never speaking to you again. Mostly because it would weird me out completely since Im not getting any. LOL

eaf said...

HAHAHAHA! That would be WAY too weird. But, if you remember correctly, you weren't getting any then either. It just was that ONE time... So keep that in mind as you are prowling the scene... ;-)

Call me sometime... we need to talk about your situation... Jack only gave me the scantest details. You have some life, chickie-poo. SMOOCHES!